Thursday, December 29, 2011

Being back on track feels sooooo great

Back on track with eating this week, and it feels so great to be watching what I put in my mouth. I am already feeling better!
And I got up at 5am and did's the first time I have worked out in like 3 months, and man did that feel great!
Already dropped 3 that I have I am moving on down!

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Peek a boo...I am back

Well, hello.

I have been gone a long time....months and months in fact. and I have been meaning to come back to blogging but never knew where to start...
but it's time.
A quick catch up.
As those who have followed me know, my hubby and I were in ministry and it went bad. We quit the church in January and just randomly moved to Indiana to get away, get out of ministry and focus on eachother. That went good..but it just didn't feel right.
So in August we moved back home...back to IL..where we lived before the journey of the last 4 years began. Back to family. Back to my job and being able to work inside the office instead of from home. and it feels GREAT!
My girls are happy to be back with both sides of the family. I am happy to be back at home with friends and working back in the office.
We bought a nice home.
Band wise...ugh. I relaxed when we moved. We lived with his parents for the first several months and that was hard. I couldn't cook for myself. I couldn't work out because they were always watching tv and there wasnt anywhere for me to work out. and I have gained some weight back. Not a ton. but it's not good. We moved into our new home 4 weeks this girl is getting myself back on track. I am eating right again. starting to workout again. and am more than ready to get this weight I have put on back off and then get my last 10lbs off to reach goal. I was soooo close..down to 168, I am around 180 right now...and had a complete meltdown last night when I got on the scale and saw the damage. but I am not going to go into a depression and just eat to numb it. Nope. Getting right back on track. Eating right. working out. It works. and I need to get back to taking care of me.
I just got a huge promotion at work. I am back with family. Out of ministry. Have a nice home. Things are finally going right...and I am just happy.
I want to catch up and see how everyone else is. I will get back to blogging and keeping accountable. I have missed everyone!