Thursday, May 27, 2010

I am SOOO READY to get away for a 3 day weekend!

It has been a long week...and it's only Thursday.

Work wise it's been a stressful week. Life wise it's been a stressful week. Band wise things are great. Why can't work, band and life ever match up??

My daughter is on a traveling softball team, and she has a big tournament this weekend...and for the 1st time this year we will be able to go with her. My husband took Sunday off from work and we are leaving tomorrow the minute I get off work and not coming back until late Monday night. This is our 1st "vacation" in over 2 years...and the fact that 3 days away sounds like heaven makes me realize how much I need this...and for this to happen more often! Her tournament starts Sat, ends Sunday afternoon...and it's abou 4 hours away. We rented a condo...with a hot tub...a loft for the girls to sleep in and our own bedroom and I CAN'T WAIT! It's going to be sooo great to get away from here and go somewhere we are not known...and watched. In between games we are going to swim, relax, play some games with the girls and just get some great family down time. I will have to be careful though and watch what I eat since we will be eating out most of our meals. I plan on bringing some healthy snack/meal options along with me though. I don't want my 3 day weekend to set me back losing wise...

I hope everyone has a safe, healthy, happy memorial day weekend!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I love my band! I love restriction!

Pinch me.

I have to be dreaming.

Yesterday the scale was 206. I got off and on a whole bunch of times. Since my Dr appt where I got my big fill last Thur I have dropped 5 lbs. In less then a week. Wow! I know this won't last...but boy oh boy am I enjoying it while it does. It feels soooo good to finally feel my band feel it helping me, and stopping me from eating more than I am supposed to. I haven't had to snack between 3 meals a day are keeping me full. I LOVE this!


Monday, May 24, 2010

70 LBS DOWN!!!

I am now at 70lbs down!

My fill last Thursday is great!! I for the first time am feeling restriction...feeling my band working..and getting full on small amounts of food!

My next goal is 80lbs down by end of June!

Friday, May 21, 2010

69 lbs down now....and a great dr visit this is what restriction feels like!

Ok, wow...I am finally feeling restriction. I thought I had felt it before...but man, I have never truly felt it.

I went to my Dr appt yesterday, and I sat there and told him everything I have been feeling. I shared that after a fill for about a week I would feel some slight restriction, I would lose, and then it would all stop and go away. He layed me down, took all the fluid out, then put it all back in and 2 more cc on top of it. He had me lay there and drink and kept adjusting it until it was where I could really tell. and wow! what a difference. For the 1st time, I had a true pb...and that was about an hour after my dr appt when I was trying to drink a slimfast. I can't drink fast anymore...I have to slowly sip. and for the first time ever I am not hungry. and feeling not even interested in food. I am going to do liquids today, mushies tomorrow...and I really really really hope this lasts!!!! I am soooo excited to finally feel like I have a band..and I will have some help in losing the rest of my weight. I am hoping to lose another pound this weekend so that I can finally reach my next goal of 70lbs down. And I can't wait for my weight to not start with a 2!!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

sick of the teeter totter game....

I am sorry I haven't blogged in has been crazy busy...and to be honest I have been so frustrated lately that I wouldn't have had good things to say...

today my goal was to be down 70lbs...and as you can see by my ticker, here I still sit at 66lbs down. I have gone up and down so much the last 9's been driving me crazy. I am so sick at myself for not reaching my goal today...and I am sick of my scale not moving down again...I just don't get it. I am doing everything right...and I feel like I am always here in the spot. I get a fill, things go great for a couple of weeks, I feel some restriction, I lose 4-5 lbs..then 2 weeks pass by and my restriction is gone and my weight loss stops. This has been an ongoing cycle for last few months...and it's getting old....I know my weight loss has stalled due to my workout..I am doing alot more weight lifting...but come on...that "excuse" is not working on me so much hubby tells me that everyday "quit looking at scale, look at your inches your losing and your clothes"....well, I WANT THE SCALE TO MOVE! Yes, I am happy I am losing inches...but come on...I want the scale to reflect movement...downward movement...

So my next fill is this Thursday...and I am going to sit my Dr down and ask why I can't feel restriction for longer than a week or so...maybe I have a whole in my band? I don't know..but I want some answers. I am sick of going hungry...but I am trying to only eat the amount they say I need....I want my band to work for longer than 1 week every month.....

Monday, May 10, 2010

a Perfect Mothers day..and some pictures to share

Here are some pics from my Mothers of me and my daughters, one of my and my husband and one of just me.

I hope all you mothers had a great mothers day!

I know I sure did. I woke up to homemade bookmark from my youngest daughter Aimee, beautiful cards from my girls and my husband...and they took me out to lunch.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

-65 lbs now!!! some new pics to share

Woo Hoo! I hit 65 lbs down this morning!!

Here are some before pictures..and some I took last night!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Last chance workout....holy moly

Ok. I don't get this. I have been working out pretty consistently since November, one month after my surgery. I gradually worked my way up. I started out on low intensity weight watcher workouts..that I couldn't even finish...working my way up to 50 min zumba. Which I can now do all the way to the end.

So...why oh why could I barely do the Last Chance Workout with Jillian today the trainer for Biggest Loser show??? I mean, come on...I am smaller than several of the contestants that were doing the workout. I just got the video and today is the 1st time I did it and it totally kicked my butt. You are constantly moving between cardio and weights and it was hard! and at the end I was sooo frustrated...I have been working out for months now..and this 25 minute workout did me in???? So...this is what I have decided. As much as I love Zumba and think it's a blast...I am putting it up for awhile and going to concentrate on doing this new video, my bootcamp video with Bob and my 30 day Shred dvd...I obviously need to do more intense cardio moves with weights...

If anyone finds themselves looking for a new workout to try...I highly suggest this one..the Last Chance's challenging and they say if you stick with it for 6 weeks could lose up to 30 lbs....

At a great spot with my restriction finally!

So, I had an amazing weekend..I am still tired and feel as if I could sleep for a few days and not wake up.

We had an amazing weekend at Acquire the Fire. It was a busy weekend, but a great one. We hung out with the teens we brought from our youth group, went to 3 great concerts, had some amazing services and speakers and ate at fast food restaurants all weekend. I had 7 teenage girls in connecting rooms and we stayed up late talking both nights...and it was a blast!

So, I am at a really good spot restriction wise. This last fill seems to really be working. I was a little worried about gaining weight this weekend given we would have to eat fast food all wknd..but I didnt, and actually lost. My restriction is at a great spot,and I am getting full with less food...and staying full longer. At taco bell 1 hardshell taco filled me up. At Wendys I had a small chili. At Mcdonalds a 4piece nugget happymeal w/apple dippers. And I am staying full 3-4 hours between meals...I finally feel like I have a lapband...and I really really really hope this lasts!!!