Friday, May 21, 2010

69 lbs down now....and a great dr visit this is what restriction feels like!

Ok, wow...I am finally feeling restriction. I thought I had felt it before...but man, I have never truly felt it.

I went to my Dr appt yesterday, and I sat there and told him everything I have been feeling. I shared that after a fill for about a week I would feel some slight restriction, I would lose, and then it would all stop and go away. He layed me down, took all the fluid out, then put it all back in and 2 more cc on top of it. He had me lay there and drink and kept adjusting it until it was where I could really tell. and wow! what a difference. For the 1st time, I had a true pb...and that was about an hour after my dr appt when I was trying to drink a slimfast. I can't drink fast anymore...I have to slowly sip. and for the first time ever I am not hungry. and feeling not even interested in food. I am going to do liquids today, mushies tomorrow...and I really really really hope this lasts!!!! I am soooo excited to finally feel like I have a band..and I will have some help in losing the rest of my weight. I am hoping to lose another pound this weekend so that I can finally reach my next goal of 70lbs down. And I can't wait for my weight to not start with a 2!!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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