Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Re:Focus, so goodbye BLT's!

It's time to Re:Focus.
I haven't been cheating pig out style..but there have definetly been some more BLT's lately (Bites, Licks and Tastes).
I think I am somewhat happy where I am at, not fully, but happier then I have been in a long time. And that has resulted in me slacking just a bit....well NO MORE!
I am determined to get these last 20 or so lbs off and do it now, not months down the road. I want to reach goal and starting today, that will be my #1 focus.
I work better when I have some goals written down that I am shooting for..so here are a few goals.

By Thanksgiving, I want to weigh 168, which would put me down 110lbs. Thats losing 8lbs in 3 1/2 weeks...which is hard at this stage of the game, but I am going to work towards it.
By Christmas, I want to weigh 160, which is my original goal weight on my ticker.
By Valentines day, I want to weigh 155 which I think is my final goal weight.