Saturday, January 30, 2010

Trying to shake things attempt to save my scales life!

I am still ticked at my scale! Ugh, that thing has not budged in a week!
You know, sometimes you can see why it's not maybe your not working out, or cheating by eating large amounts of food, or not getting your water in....but none of that applies to me. I don't count calories, but I do write down everything I eat, how much water and my exercise every day in this little notebook I carry around with me.
I am making wise food choices....eating 4-5 mini meals a day. Every day this week I have drank 100 oz of water or more. I have worked out every day. So, I am starting to ponder if maybe I am not eating enough.
Yesterday this is what I ate:
Bfast 1 oz low fat cheese & 1 oz of soynuts
snack : 1/2 protein bar
lunch: 1/2 c fat free cottage cheese with pineapple
supper: 3/4 of a salad from arbys (grilled chicken salad)
snack: finished off my salad
water: 116oz
workout: 40min of taebo

and thats a pretty typical day for me......why isn't the scale moving??????

So, this weekend I am going to try to eat a little more...and maybe throw in a few extra things.
Also, I just started doing Taebo yesterday, I was doing this aerobic workout dvd I have, but it's not affecting me the same's getting too easy now. So I will switch over to doing taebo hoping that shakes things up exercise wise, cuz yesterday it kicked my butt! holy moly, I was shaking and sweating something fierce!

My next fill is Thursday.....I am going to beg for another generous one. I have 8 more lbs to lose by 2-22 to reach my next goal of 50lbs in 4 months.

I hope you all have a great weekend!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

My scale is not moving...and I am really starting to get ticked

Boy how fast things can change...

2 weeks ago I was on a high, dropping every day and hit my 40lbs down in 3 months.

fast forward to today and all that I have lost in last 2 weeks is 1.5lbs. and that was last week...this week the scale has not budged!!'s soooo frustrating!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Feeling blah...and random....and appearantly losing blubber

I haven't posted in awhile....I'm not sure what is going on, other than to say I am in a funk. It's been so cloudy & cold here, and the sun hasn't been out in awhile...and I hate the month of January and just been feeling blah.

After I hit the excitement of 40lbs down, I have only lost 1.5 since then. I am hoping for a good loss this week. I am still doing the 5 mini meals spread thruout the day....I ate too many carbs last week, and that was reflected by my slow weight loss for the last couple of weeks. So this week I am back to trying to stay away from bread, and other carbs, and focusing on small helpings of protein. I need another fill, my next appt is next Thursday and I can't wait. I am still working out 5 days a week. I am having people notice now, so have been getting some comments....some good, some not so good. One really old lady at church told me last Sunday "There sure is alot less of you now". Another interesting comment I received happend a couple of Sundays ago....I was really cold, and had my coat on trying to warm up before church started and the Sr Pastor said You know why your cold don't you? I said because it's cold in here...he said no, it's because you have lost weight, it's like when a whale looses their blubber.....I was shocked...I was like oh ok..and walked away....that one kinda hurt....but I am getting plenty of nice comments too....
Hoping for a good week this way.....hoping to get out of this funk and kick this depression in the butt!
Have a great day ladies!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

uugghh! nonband Dad is being a jerk

So...this is totally not a band issue...but just gotta vent.

My dad hasn't spoken to me in over a mom I have talked to maybe 3 times. It's a long story, but the jist of it is they are mad because we moved away. Mad because we are choosing to live our own lives and make our own decisions....they want me to run every decision we make as a married couple to them...and we haven't done that, my sisters have, therefore I am crap...and my sisters are saints (and both my sisters have been divorced twice..could it be because they don't make decisions as a couple but instead cater to my parents??) I have tried countless times, in countless ways to speak to my parents. By calling, texting, emailing....all to no avail.

So anyway, last night my dad sent me an email. no personal greeting. no closing. very indifferent and cold....he wanted to let me know that my Grandma, his mom, is in the hospital with some serious issues, and it doesn't look good. I have tried finding out more info, and of course he won't respond. So....needless to say, I am very upset. Very upset at how I found out, very upset about how my dad is treating me like crap...and very upset about my Grandma. It hurts. so bad. I will never, ever, ever, treat my kids like this. I have done nothing wrong. uugghh...sorry, I just had to vent....

band related...things are going well. I feel so good about hitting my 40lbs down. I am now pressing on to my next goal of 50lbs down by 2-22-2010. My next fill is in 2 weeks. I am still doing the mini meals every few hours...still aiming for 100oz of water or more a day, and eating high protein. I love my band.

Thanks for listening.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Woo Hoo! down 40lbs...and my weight starts with a 23 instead of a 24!

Yep, you got of this morning I am down 40lbs! In 3 months!
I am soooooooo excited!! I love my band!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

life after my generous fill

Well....I LOVE fills! I am finally feeling like I have had Lapband surgery...and starting to feel hope that I can do this! Its sad that I had to go thru all I did..and wait 3 months to feel this restricted feeling....but I am happy I am feeling it now, so no complaints!

Am I feeling as tight as I did last Thursday when I got it? No. But do I feel restriction? YES! My stomach rarely growls..and the weight is coming off. I know this won't last forever, but I sure do intend to enjoy it while it lasts. My next fill is in 3 weeks, right now I am content to leave it...I don't think I will need to move it least that is how I feel today. I am soooo close to my 40lbs down by jan 15th...2 more lbs to go, and I hope I can reach it.

Here is what I ate yesterday:
breakfast slimfast
snack 2oz low fat cheese
lunch 3 oz turkey
snack greek yogurt w/blueberries
supper Turkey, brown rice and pea pods
snack fat free pudding
I had a little over 100 oz of water
and I did a high intesity aerobic/weight dvd for 30 min

Have a great day!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Hey My Band New Journey

Hi Tamara! I think your comments might be broke, I tried to post a comment on your last entry and they won't load....

Holy Cow! I have restriction!

Wow, what an amazing feeling! I am finally getting to feel like I have had lap band surgery.

I went to my Dr appt yesterday, and boy was I nervous. and My Dr could tell...he gave me a small shot to numb me, he said he has had to hurt me enough, and never wanted to hurt me again. After 2 small pokes, he found my port and gave me a fill. He was so excited it worked right away, that he admitted he got a little carried away and gave me a generous fill. Afterwards, he made me promise if I have any issues at all, to call him right away. And boy oh boy, could I tell. I would take a drink, and feel it sit in my throat, and then slowly gurgle down. I smiled real big, and he said, "wow, your smiling so big, you must feel it" and I shouted YES! So I was on liquids yesterday, and am on liquids today, then soft food tomorrow and reg food sunday. But man, I can tell, already. and I really hope this lasts! I am not all. It took me over an hour to drink a slimfast last I sick and twisted because that excited me?? ha!

I mentioned to my Dr about the hair loss...he told me to start taking zinc, so I ran to walmart and got some last night. I also called my beautician and she told me she is sending me a package on Monday with some special shampoo, and vitamins to start taking, and she said it should help She also told me to stop washing my hair every day. Was anyone else told to take Zinc? What are you guys doing about the hair loss?

Have a great Friday everyone!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Tomorrow is my big 1st fill since my surgery to correct my port

Tomorrow at 4:15 is my first fill since my surgery last month to correct my port. and boy am I nervous. I am praying that my port is still in the right place, and that he will be able to fill me quickly, and without pain....boy oh boy did it hurt in nov when he kept trying and trying and couldn't find the port....all of the memories of that fill experience, plus the surgery to correct it floods my mind and makes me a little nervous. But....I am confident in my Dr, he really is a great dr, and so I am just going to try to relax and trust everything will be ok. He said he was going to empty it and then give me a fill...and he promised he would be generous because I have been banded since Oct and have only had 1 fill and have never had restriction....and I plan on making him stick to his word! I can't wait to have restriction and get this weight loss moving quicker. I am soooo close to 40, I haven't been updating my tracker because one day shows 39 lost, then the next day 36, then 38, it just keeps jumping around....I know this fill will help and get me moving in the right direction. I really want to reach 40 down by 1-15. I BELIVE and will ACHIEVE!
Have a great day everyone!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year.

I hope everyone had a great new years. I know I did. My hubby and I went out on a date new years eve, then came home and had a quiet night at home with our girls playing games. We stayed home new years day and just relaxed and watched 2 of the 3 Lord of The Rings movies. It was an amazing, relaxing, peaceful day. and I lost 2 more pounds. My next fill is Thursday, and I can't wait. I am hoping it helps me reach 40 lbs by my goal date of 1-15. I was trying to think of one word to sum up my goals for the New Year. I have been reading everyone else's and I love all of them...but I couldn't just sum up what I want to accomplish with one word. So mine is more than one word....mine is BELIEVE & ACHIEVE. I am trying to believe I can do this. and I want to achieve bad. I want to be like Amy & Mary who lost 100lbs in their first year. I want this, I can do this, I WILL DO THIS!

Here are a few pictures taken over the Holidays: