Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Tomorrow is my big 1st fill since my surgery to correct my port

Tomorrow at 4:15 is my first fill since my surgery last month to correct my port. and boy am I nervous. I am praying that my port is still in the right place, and that he will be able to fill me quickly, and without pain....boy oh boy did it hurt in nov when he kept trying and trying and couldn't find the port....all of the memories of that fill experience, plus the surgery to correct it floods my mind and makes me a little nervous. But....I am confident in my Dr, he really is a great dr, and so I am just going to try to relax and trust everything will be ok. He said he was going to empty it and then give me a fill...and he promised he would be generous because I have been banded since Oct and have only had 1 fill and have never had restriction....and I plan on making him stick to his word! I can't wait to have restriction and get this weight loss moving quicker. I am soooo close to 40, I haven't been updating my tracker because one day shows 39 lost, then the next day 36, then 38, it just keeps jumping around....I know this fill will help and get me moving in the right direction. I really want to reach 40 down by 1-15. I BELIVE and will ACHIEVE!
Have a great day everyone!