Tuesday, January 19, 2010

uugghh! nonband issue....my Dad is being a jerk

So...this is totally not a band issue...but just gotta vent.

My dad hasn't spoken to me in over a year....my mom I have talked to maybe 3 times. It's a long story, but the jist of it is they are mad because we moved away. Mad because we are choosing to live our own lives and make our own decisions....they want me to run every decision we make as a married couple to them...and we haven't done that, my sisters have, therefore I am crap...and my sisters are saints (and both my sisters have been divorced twice..could it be because they don't make decisions as a couple but instead cater to my parents??) I have tried countless times, in countless ways to speak to my parents. By calling, texting, emailing....all to no avail.

So anyway, last night my dad sent me an email. no personal greeting. no closing. very indifferent and cold....he wanted to let me know that my Grandma, his mom, is in the hospital with some serious issues, and it doesn't look good. I have tried finding out more info, and of course he won't respond. So....needless to say, I am very upset. Very upset at how I found out, very upset about how my dad is treating me like crap...and very upset about my Grandma. It hurts. so bad. I will never, ever, ever, treat my kids like this. I have done nothing wrong. uugghh...sorry, I just had to vent....

band related...things are going well. I feel so good about hitting my 40lbs down. I am now pressing on to my next goal of 50lbs down by 2-22-2010. My next fill is in 2 weeks. I am still doing the mini meals every few hours...still aiming for 100oz of water or more a day, and eating high protein. I love my band.

Thanks for listening.


  1. OH nooooo,
    This is like what happened to me all over again - but with my grandfather. We are orphans, babe!! If I could reach out and smack some sense into your parents I would (non-violently of course!!) but seriously.. my heart is breaking for you. I just DO NOT get the way these people act (my folks and yours!) Is there someone else you can contact in regards to finding out info.. an aunt or uncle or anyone?
    Thinking of you. Argh this sucks!

  2. Sorry about the relationship with your family and your grandma is in my thoughts and prayers

  3. I'm really sorry that your Parents are being such a**holes! You did nothing wrong! Just wanted to be your own person. I really feel for you. And Cara, "The Dash" knows exactly how you are feeling!! Like she asked, is there anyone else in the family that can give you some answers?

    I will keep your Grandma in my thoughts.