Saturday, January 30, 2010

Trying to shake things attempt to save my scales life!

I am still ticked at my scale! Ugh, that thing has not budged in a week!
You know, sometimes you can see why it's not maybe your not working out, or cheating by eating large amounts of food, or not getting your water in....but none of that applies to me. I don't count calories, but I do write down everything I eat, how much water and my exercise every day in this little notebook I carry around with me.
I am making wise food choices....eating 4-5 mini meals a day. Every day this week I have drank 100 oz of water or more. I have worked out every day. So, I am starting to ponder if maybe I am not eating enough.
Yesterday this is what I ate:
Bfast 1 oz low fat cheese & 1 oz of soynuts
snack : 1/2 protein bar
lunch: 1/2 c fat free cottage cheese with pineapple
supper: 3/4 of a salad from arbys (grilled chicken salad)
snack: finished off my salad
water: 116oz
workout: 40min of taebo

and thats a pretty typical day for me......why isn't the scale moving??????

So, this weekend I am going to try to eat a little more...and maybe throw in a few extra things.
Also, I just started doing Taebo yesterday, I was doing this aerobic workout dvd I have, but it's not affecting me the same's getting too easy now. So I will switch over to doing taebo hoping that shakes things up exercise wise, cuz yesterday it kicked my butt! holy moly, I was shaking and sweating something fierce!

My next fill is Thursday.....I am going to beg for another generous one. I have 8 more lbs to lose by 2-22 to reach my next goal of 50lbs in 4 months.

I hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. Susie - From what you wrote above I would say you're eating so little food! I try to eat 1200 calories a day and find that when my scale isn't moving it's usually because I'm not eating enough. Maybe try counting calories for a couple of days to see how many your eating. I'm betting you'll find it's too little. Maybe up them for a couple of days especially since you're working out and see if that moves the scale. Good Luck!

  2. I'm with Jen, Susie. I got stuck for a whole month... a month!! It was the pits. I put out a cry for help and the girls came back with a myriad of suggestions.. but I think the one that helped the most was upping my cals to 1200. Seriously. Within a day or two I noticed things moving marginally, then I had a better drop. Try it, sunshine. Can't hurt. Let us know what you decide and how you went. x

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