Friday, February 18, 2011

Oatmeal, Biggest Loser Bob, strength training and the stupid scale!

It's Friday...and for that I am thankful...

I have discovered how good real oatmeal is...I always used to just make the instant, but I won't be grabbing that kind anymore...I have been making 1 serving of the real stuff, with a little brown sugar and some keeps me full, it's healthy, and its keeping me regular :)

Bob Harper..from Biggest Loser..I used to dream of going on that show and I always wanted him as my trainer. I thought he seemed a little easier than Jillian, and alot nicer. But that was till I bought his new workout series called Inner Method. OH MY GOSH! These DVD's kick my butt! I bought the cardio one which is 65 minutes of nonstop movement with weights..and the strength training one which is an hour of torture with weights. These are both really great workouts that literally leave you standing in a puddle of sweat barely able to move. I have spent the last year really concentrating on cardio to lose weight. And while I still have more weight to lose I really wanted to start building muscle and getting definition....and I know strength training is the answer....but I hate that EVERY time I start lifting weights..the scale doesn't budge..or it sometimes goes up! UGH! and that is whats happening this week..I am eating great, working out hard and the scale is not budging! My husband sounds like a broken record...thats what you want to happen because that means your are building muscle and muscle burns fat. I know that in my head...but when I step on my scale my heart hurts cuz I want to see the scale go DOWN! Why oh why are we sooo worried about the number on a scale? People who see us don't see how much we weigh, they see how we look. I know this. But I just can't get it beat into my head. I want that scale to show my goal weight. Sooooo bad.

But...I am going to try to ignore my scale. Keep doing these videos. Keep eating right. and See what happens after a few weeks of this. I just know I got to do something to tighten this flappy skin up. And I want to have definition in my arms and legs. And I know the more muscle you have the more fat you burn..and who doesn't want to burn fat?? I am going to try this..and I will keep you posted.

Have a great FRIDAY everyone!

Monday, February 14, 2011

A great weekend! and size 10 jeans!

I had an amazing weekend! Saturday we went and checked out the Y here in our new city and it is really nice! Has everything we want in a gym plus fun pools with water slides and stuff for our kids. Great classes, including zumba. So I think we are going to get a family membership...and it comes with 4 sessions with a personal trainer and I am sooo excited for that. Then we went to Kohls and they were having big sales. So I got this new skirt and shirt that I am wearing in these pics. Plus a couple other shirts,...and just for fun tried on a size pair 10 skinny jeans...and they fit! I was sooo excited.
Band wise everything is working great. I am back to losing and getting full on small meals and just to make sure I realized it was there my band nudged me yesterday just a bit when I was eating too actually felt great to feel it working, ha! I am back to working out and planning my meals and getting my 100 oz water plus in every day. Ready to kick some fat in the butt!
Happy Valentines Day everyone!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I said I wouldn't change when I lost weight...but...

I have.

I don't think it's bad though.

I am standing up for myself more.
I am dressing in clothes I like, and fit me well, versus what will hide me.
I am thinking long I don't like my job, so I am actually checking into going back to school for something I always wanted to do, something in the medical field.
The weight loss is helping me become who I have always wanted to be...
but it's also causing some problems....which I won't go into now...but I am really doing alot of thinking...and evaluating some things....
hmmm....kinda scary.

On the band front...I am back on track and it feels great. I did 3 days of protein shakes and all protein to get back in control of my eating and my band..and it worked. I am determined again and ready to get this last bit of weight off.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

2011....I am ready!

This picture was taken yesterday. I look at it and can't believe it's me. I see my collar bones. And I look normal. This is not the reflection I see in the mirror most of the time. I wonder if I ever will.
Like I said in my post last week, I took about a month off from working out and eating my best while we moved. I am now getting back on track. I went out and bought 3 new workout DVD's, made sure my pantry was filled with all my healthy staples and it is on. My lowest right before we moved was 169..which is 109 lbs down. I am up a few from that but its going back down. It seems to me going from the 170's to 160's and staying in the 160's has been the hardest plateau for me. UGH! It's sooo frustrating. The day I hit 165 I will be sooo happy because I will firmly be in the 160's. Right now my goal weight is 155...I will re-evaluate once I am there to see what I think and how I feel...I may want to go down to 150...
I am also really struggling now with how I look undressed. I really hate that part. I am feeling confident in how I look dressed...and I wear things to help accomplish that, like push up bras..and tummy tucker things....but ugh..naked...gross. I started looking at websites with pictures of plastic surgery before and afters...I know I want that...but it's sooo expensive...
Well...anyway...I am now ready to get this last 15lbs off! I can do this!