Wednesday, February 2, 2011

2011....I am ready!

This picture was taken yesterday. I look at it and can't believe it's me. I see my collar bones. And I look normal. This is not the reflection I see in the mirror most of the time. I wonder if I ever will.
Like I said in my post last week, I took about a month off from working out and eating my best while we moved. I am now getting back on track. I went out and bought 3 new workout DVD's, made sure my pantry was filled with all my healthy staples and it is on. My lowest right before we moved was 169..which is 109 lbs down. I am up a few from that but its going back down. It seems to me going from the 170's to 160's and staying in the 160's has been the hardest plateau for me. UGH! It's sooo frustrating. The day I hit 165 I will be sooo happy because I will firmly be in the 160's. Right now my goal weight is 155...I will re-evaluate once I am there to see what I think and how I feel...I may want to go down to 150...
I am also really struggling now with how I look undressed. I really hate that part. I am feeling confident in how I look dressed...and I wear things to help accomplish that, like push up bras..and tummy tucker things....but ugh..naked...gross. I started looking at websites with pictures of plastic surgery before and afters...I know I want that...but it's sooo expensive...
Well...anyway...I am now ready to get this last 15lbs off! I can do this!


  1. Great picture. Trying to lose weight in the middle of a move is tough. Sounds like you are ready to get back on track. Good luck.

  2. Beautiful picture. You look amazing. I'm glad themove is out of the way and that you can get back on track. You'll get these 15 lbs off. I know it!!

  3. You look great and I'm so happy you got away from that stress-filled church stuff. I'm with you - between 160-170 and really wanting 150! Good luck.

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