Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I love my band! I love restriction!

Pinch me.

I have to be dreaming.

Yesterday the scale was 208....today 206. I got off and on a whole bunch of times. Since my Dr appt where I got my big fill last Thur I have dropped 5 lbs. In less then a week. Wow! I know this won't last...but boy oh boy am I enjoying it while it does. It feels soooo good to finally feel my band working...to feel it helping me, and stopping me from eating more than I am supposed to. I haven't had to snack between meals...my 3 meals a day are keeping me full. I LOVE this!



  1. YAHOOOOO.. wonderful WL.. You are really doing a great job with wonderful WL>>
    Keep us tuned in to how it goes next week.. I am getting a fill on FRI and can not wait...

  2. Woohoo!! You just passed me. grr... ;) I am up a pound today after losing 3.2 in few days, but I will catch back up soon. I love not feeling hungry so much, but after 5 months of no restriction I have to now learn to eat like a real bandster! If you keep going you just might hit onederland before you know it!!!