Tuesday, May 4, 2010

At a great spot with my restriction finally!

So, I had an amazing weekend..I am still tired and feel as if I could sleep for a few days and not wake up.

We had an amazing weekend at Acquire the Fire. It was a busy weekend, but a great one. We hung out with the teens we brought from our youth group, went to 3 great concerts, had some amazing services and speakers and ate at fast food restaurants all weekend. I had 7 teenage girls in connecting rooms and we stayed up late talking both nights...and it was a blast!

So, I am at a really good spot restriction wise. This last fill seems to really be working. I was a little worried about gaining weight this weekend given we would have to eat fast food all wknd..but I didnt, and actually lost. My restriction is at a great spot,and I am getting full with less food...and staying full longer. At taco bell 1 hardshell taco filled me up. At Wendys I had a small chili. At Mcdonalds a 4piece nugget happymeal w/apple dippers. And I am staying full 3-4 hours between meals...I finally feel like I have a lapband...and I really really really hope this lasts!!!

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