Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Last chance workout....holy moly

Ok. I don't get this. I have been working out pretty consistently since November, one month after my surgery. I gradually worked my way up. I started out on low intensity weight watcher workouts..that I couldn't even finish...working my way up to 50 min zumba. Which I can now do all the way to the end.

So...why oh why could I barely do the Last Chance Workout with Jillian today the trainer for Biggest Loser show??? I mean, come on...I am smaller than several of the contestants that were doing the workout. I just got the video and today is the 1st time I did it and it totally kicked my butt. You are constantly moving between cardio and weights and it was hard! and at the end I was sooo frustrated...I have been working out for months now..and this 25 minute workout did me in???? So...this is what I have decided. As much as I love Zumba and think it's a blast...I am putting it up for awhile and going to concentrate on doing this new video, my bootcamp video with Bob and my 30 day Shred dvd...I obviously need to do more intense cardio moves with weights...

If anyone finds themselves looking for a new workout to try...I highly suggest this one..the Last Chance Workout...it's challenging and they say if you stick with it for 6 weeks could lose up to 30 lbs....

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  1. I do this allllll the time and it KICKS MY ASS still!! I do also do Spin and Zumba once a week also but the point of the last chance workout circuts is to get your heart rate up and down up and down thats what burns fat faster!!!