Thursday, April 29, 2010

5 hour road trip over mtns to Denver+15 passenger van+teenagers+weekend long conference+me & hubby+fast food all weekend=my upcoming weeken

I am a little nervous..but also excited..for my upcoming weekend.

My hubby and I are leaving in the morning for a weekend conference called "Acquire the Fire" in Denver for our youth group. Its a huge weekend long conference for teens with speakers & concerts..will probably easily be 10000 teens or more.We have about 12 kids from our youth group we are taking. We leave early tomorrow morning, and won't return until late Sunday night. We will be eating fast food for every meal all weekend long. I am excited to get out of town, to spend time with some of the amazing teenagers in our youth group, and see them get excited at the conference. But I am nervous about what I will eat all weekend long. I DO NOT want to gain weight this weekend..I want to keep that scale moving down, down, down. I am nervous about not having a scale all weekend..and also there will be no time to work out as the weekend will be super busy.
I have a feeling we will be eating taco bell and mcdonalds pretty much all the time, as the teens won't have alot of $ to spend on meals. Any suggestions on good things to choose at these places? I don't really eat fast food much anymore...


  1. Ugh - fast food always gets to me because of the sodium BUT I have found that McDonalds seems to be easiest for me to manage band-wise. I order a four piece order of nuggets and a small fry. I eat the nuggets first and rarely get to have more than a few fries, if any at all.

    My nutritionist has said that the crunchy tacos at taco bell (from the new healthy taco menu) are a good bet too because they won't get stuck like a soft taco will.

    Have fun!

  2. And McDonalds has an online menu with nutrition info which will probably help:

  3. I do the 4 piece nugget too, but with the apple dippers. Even with the whole caramel sauce it is 100 calories and the nuggets 190. Add in the milk to drink a little later and you have 390 calories and 18g protein. Even the fat for the whole meal is only a smidge over the 30% that is considered heart healthy.

    As for Taco Bell you can do most things "fresco style". That is no cheese and sour cream but they replace it with a fresco salsa. I love sour cream and cheese, but I have to say this was really good. The flavor in the fresco stuff was a great subsitute. I sometimes have problems with the flour tortillas, but you can even get their chicken taco salad fresco style even if it is not on the menu. Just be careful with that because they tend to still give you the shell and dressing even though it isn't included in the calories.

    If you go to somewhere like KFC I love their grilled chicken. Some people can't eat it, but I can. They have a new boneless chicken breast filet that is normally made to order. It is much more moist that the regular grilled chicken because of that. I normally do the chicken and some coleslaw - even though the coleslaw is higher than I would think. I think the green beans are the best side items calorie wise.

    Have fun!!!!

  4. Enjoy "Aquire the Fire". I've heard awesome things about it! Have a safe trip!

  5. At TB, I always get a basic taco supreme. Hard shell. ALWAYS fills me up... good luck!!! Enjoy the conference!

  6. Oh - and the Yogurt Parfait at McD's is great - as is the fruit & walnut salad if you like yogurt and nuts!

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