Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Last nights battle: Susie (me) vs Ben & Jerry's Mud Pie Ice Cream

Ok, so last night I was feeling kinda down and in the dumps...actually the whole day yesterday I was feeling that way.
For one my husband is away on a business trip...and I hate when he is gone. It's really hard here when he is here in Colorado away from family & friends is hard enough when he's around, when he is gone, it's miserable. I didn't work out that makes me feel like a working out just makes me feel better about myself. I had a bad day at work ystrday...I know I say this alot but I truly hate my job. I hate working from home...I am a people person, so to be stuck at home all day with no interaction sucks. So anyway, I was grumpy, depressed and feeling sorry for myself. But I wanted to make it a nice girly night for my girls....and they said they wanted to watch a movie and get some snacks.
So off to the store we went and they decided on ice cream...and while waiting while they picked out what they wanted I saw a new flavor by Ben & Jerry...called MUD PIE. Oh my's chocolate coffee Irish cream liquor flavored ice cream with chocolate cookie ribbon through out...and I bought it. Came home, got settled in my sweats and all the while telling myself I deserved this. It will make me feel better. We turned on the movie (the new twilight movie) and I got my spoon and dug in. After about 3 min into the movie looking at the beautiful skinny actress and thinking gosh I wanna look like that, I put the lid on the ice cream and stuck it in the freezer...I had only eaten like 5 bites. I decided ice cream would NOT make everything better. This is huge for me...I have always turned to food for comfort....I won the least last nights battle. and I enjoyed the rest of the movie with my bottle of water feeling guilt free!

Have a great Wednesday everyone!


  1. Great job Suzie! I'm sorry DH is gone - that can be very, very hard!!! Keep up the great work - you're worth it!

  2. I hate it when DH is gone too - major major NSV for you though - I'm super proud of you....just one more step towards success that you can build on.

  3. you won! you won! you WON!!! yay you and keep up the good work- you will be at goal in no time :o)