Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My inquiring mind (yes I am nosy) wants to know...so spill...

What is a typical day in your world?
If I could follow you awesome, pretty, skinny & successful bandsters around for a day....what would I see you eat? and drink? I'm curious...what do you eat for your meals? Snacks? Amounts? and Times?
I am hoping to gain some wisdom to help me get my scale moving consistently down......
And if you exercise...how long? how often? and what do you do?

so please...share your secrets :)


  1. Ok so I am am not awesome pretty or skinny but I am a slow and steady loosing bandster. Typical day for me

    10 am large coffe light and sweet from DD
    1 pm Gym 40 mins on treadmill while reading book 200 calories burned
    2pm lunch which yesterday was 2 1/2 falafael balls and some salad
    4 pm 5 peanut m& ms
    Liter of water throught the day
    7 pm 1 pork chop 1 tablespoon on beans and 1 large french fry ( yes I had just one )
    8pm forward is my hardest time of teh day for snacking. I usually allow myself 200 calories that I can use for snacks, may not work for some people but works for me..Last night I had 1 bag 100 calorie chips and about 10 yogurt covered raisins.
    There you have my day yesterday as I said I am not a super fast looser but it is becasue I am getting smaler ( 162 lbs ) and I allow myself what I want within my calorie range of 900-1100 per day. I average about 1.5 lbs a week