Friday, April 2, 2010

Stress Stress go away!

Last night was one of the best nights I have had for such a long time....

Things in my life have been crazy stressful. Being in ministry is tough. My husband is always busy, and it seems I am too. I work full time, am a mom to my 2 girls, am a wife to my husband, am considered on staff at the church, so have a ton of responsiblities there, and then help my husband with youth ministry, we have about 35 kids in the youth group now, and while I love it, it keeps us hopping..and some of the teens are going thru some really tough we get texts & calls all the time....they need to cry, talk, need advice, etc. But the most stressful thing lately is being "watched" all the the adults in the church, they have certain expectations, and lately I have done a few things (the huge one being that I got a tattoo) that has caused some huge hubby and I haven't had alot of time together to just relax and spend time not talking church/ministry/life stuff.

Last night we got dressed up. We went out to eat. Went shopping and got our girls easter basket stuff. And then we snuggled in bed watching movies. It was the perfect night! It felt sooo good to just be together.....

Weight loss wise...I am still at 59lbs down, was hoping to hit 60 today...but thinking last nights dinner, (steak) and sharing the starbucks ice cream in bed defeated that as the scale stayed the same today. But I was proud of my choices & restraint last night. We did the applebees 2 for 20, so our starter was mozzerella sticks, I ate 2. I ordered 7 oz steak, had about 3-4 oz and gave my hubby the other half, ate about 1/4 cup of the mashed potatoes and a few broccoli spears. I was satisfied.

I will get that lb off...hopefully by Monday! I am looking forward to a great weekend, we will be busy...but are going to make sure we start making "us" time a priority! Last night was just what I needed...I feel so much more relaxed today.....
Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Oh let me see a pic of the tat - I love them!

  2. A tat doesn't change who you are, your beliefs or even that fact that you are a very giving person. It is your body and you are not hurting anyone. Glad you and hubby had a great night