Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Informative Reading

That is what I have been doing.
I got out my food journals from day 1 of my journey and have been reading what I ate every day, my water intake, my workouts, etc. See every day I have kept a little notebook with me and I write down what I eat, my snacks, how many water bottles I drank, my workout time and what I did. I don't count calories, or fat grams or protein..I just simply write down what I eat. I also write down my weight every few days. I enjoyed going back thru my journals and am hoping to get back to how I was eating when I was losing, and how long I was working out also. I have gone up weight wise, not a ton, but enough that I am frustrated and mad. But time to look ahead and make changes to get back on track. Which is what I am doing. Back to eating mostly protein. and fruits and veggies. Bye bye to these cookies and crackers that have found their way into my life again. Bye bye to these little "bites, licks and tastes" that add up so quickly. I have started working out again, I am drinking my water, and watching what I put into my mouth. I already feel my energy increasing, my positive mood coming back but most importantly my confidence is coming back. Look out world...I am working the band again!
I am going to sit down tonight and make some goals for myself for 2012, and will post them soon!

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  1. That is a great record to keep, I never stuck with the same note book for my tracking,I wish I had, but can't do much about it now :o)

    Sounds like you have another great tool to help you work the band! Keep it up.