Thursday, September 2, 2010

My Dr appt today

Today I had my Dr appt. I haven't seen my Dr in 2 months...and I was anxious for a fill.

So, first off they weighed me, down 18lbs in the 2 months since I have been there. So that was cool! It's been a really great 2 months for me...I know it won't last, but I am enjoying it!

So the Dr walks in the room and does a double take, and says "you are just disappearing on me". That was sooo cool to hear. He told me good job on the weight loss, and asked why I wanted a fill, since I was losing so well. I said I am following the band rules, but my hunger has increased the last couple of weeks. He said, well you have lost 6 lbs every month for 3 months in a ok, I will give you one. Well, he was confused, it's only been 2 months since I have been there, so I have lost 9lbs a month for 2 months...but I wasn't going to correct him since that would have probably meant no fill...So I hopped up on the table and he gave me .5 of a fill. And boy, restriction! I felt it right away as I was drinking my water, I took a healthy swig and it went down so slow I was afraid it wasn't going to go down...and he watches too to see if he needs to remove any, and I didn't want any out....I got it down!
So I am doing liquids today...and probably liquids and mushies tomorrow. My next appt is in 3 months, the Tuesday before Thanksgiving...I have mixed feelings about that...but I am going to keep it. It will keep me on track for Turkey day!

The more I lose, the more hungry I am to lose, if that makes sense....I just keep pushing myself to keep that scale moving down..I know if I stop, or take a week or two off, I will lose my momentum and it will be harder to get it going again. I want to get this weight off of me and get to my goal. Which I did ask my Dr about today, my goal weight. He got out his little chart and said 146lbs for my height would be the high end of a good weight for me. He said he would be happy to see me at 150, 146 would be great, and 140 would be in the middle of my weight range. So, on here my 1st goal is 160, I always knew I would want to go lower than that. So I think my ultimate goal will be 146...but I think I would be happy with 155. So...I guess I will just take it a day at a time, and see how I feel as I get down there....

Happy Thursday Everyone!


  1. 'The more I lose, the more hungry I am to lose'

    I like your take on it...I need to adapt that into my way of thinking!

  2. Congrats on 18 lbs in 2 months. Oops, if your surgeon is reading this, I mean 12 lbs :) You're going to have to do a vlog about showing how to get water down without the surgeon knowing it's going slow. My surgeon keeps telling me the water should feel like normal going down, but so far, after 2 fills, I'm still not feeling any restriction. I think next appointment I'm going to have him fill me until I feel the water going down, and just not tell him. Part of my fear of doing this is I've been freaked out by so many "too tight" stories that I'm afraid to do it. I'll be interested to hear how you are doing.

  3. I love your comment "the more I lose, the more hungry I am to lose". It totally makes sense to me.