Friday, December 17, 2010

I have been MIA...time for an update...

Wow...I can't hardly believe I haven't blogged in a month..

I will give you a brief update to what has been going on...

1st band wise...I was on a plateau that just was sooo frustrating...My weight would go up a lb, down a lb, and just continue in that cycle. But..I didn't give up, I kept working out and kept at it and last week got a fill..and now I am losing again. My weight started with 16 this morning...and I am just thrilled! Weighing in today at 169, total of 109lbs gone!

My life:

*In november I had to travel to Atlanta Ga for a week for work. I was scared to death...I have only flown 1 time, and never by myself...and I have never ridden a train thing in the city...but I did it, I had a blast and it felt sooo good working in an office again. I got to eat out at really nice restaurants, enjoy the big beautiful city of Atlanta and meet some fun people. I really enjoyed it.

*My cousin died, 1 days before Thanksgiving. It's been really hard. He was a couple years younger than me, living in Arizona in medical school studying to be a Dr. He died in a car accident, alcohol was involved. It's so sad...My Uncle his dad is taking it very hard, really the whole family is. It's just so sad. I was not able to go to the memorial...too expensive for plane tickets and we didn't have the $.

*my husband QUIT! He quit the church here...he resigned and Sunday is his last day. If you have been following my blog you know how things have been here. We finally decided we needed to do this, for the sake of our sanity, our family,,, our lives. They thought we should put ministry before our family, and we have had enough. In this economy this is a scary move. But I feel at peace. We have bought a house in Indiana, on the tip of Kentucky, we will be 5 minutes away from Louisville Ky. I am super excited. With my job I can live anywhere..but I don't make enough to support us...he is looking for a job and has started please pray he finds one soon! This is a big move...but I am so excited...excited to get out of ministry, excited to move near a big city again, excited to move away from the western slopes of Colorado.

and let me leave you with some new pics!
I have alot of blogs to read and catch up on!
I have missed all of you!


  1. hellllllo! Glad to see you back at your post. Sounds like it has been hectic to say the least, it is hard to do everything all the time, but keep posting. I love your blog :)

  2. It all sounds good! Here's hoping hubs finds a job real fast!!

  3. Wow - ok that is BIG news - you guys leaving the Church - well, ok your husband... BUT what a relief. You guys have been through SO much and none of it has been good in that regard. Good on you for finding the courage.
    YOu look amazing too. LOVE that black and white pic at the bottom. You look beautiful.