Friday, October 1, 2010

Giving up on least for awhile...

Happy Friday everyone!

It's been awhile, and I am sorry about has been hectic crazy..I am almost caught up on reading everyones though, sounds like last weekend was a blast!

Bandwise, I am back down to what I was before my vacation, actually I am lower than my previous low. Only 2 more to go to hit 100lbs down. My next fill appt is not until the end of November, I may move that up, going to give it another week or so...but I can take huge bites of things, I can eat bread with no problem...but my appetite is staying in check...

Now I have been doing Zumba faithfully, along with other exercise, but mostly zumba for like 7 months now. It's getting to where I can do it and not feel like I have really worked out. I sweat and I know I am burning calories...but I just dont feel like it's giving me what it used to. I have started doing Tae Bo advance live dvd. OH MY GOSH! It totally kicks my butt! So...going to focus on doing that and my elliptical for awhile to change up my exercise routine...

Have a great day!


  1. Makes sense. That's a good have mastered a workout...I think. But sad, too, eh? Hopefully you enjoy Tae Bo just as much!

  2. It is always good to mix things up - or so the experts say. I can't even imagine mastering Zumba. I have gone a hand full of times, but I feel like I am lost every single time. I hear that different instructors do it differently. Maybe you could find someone new and put it back in the rotation, but just not as much. But I love Tae Bo and they have several different dvds out there so that could last you a long while. I still have the old vhs tapes :)

  3. I love how casual you are about nearly losing 100 lbs.!