Wednesday, March 23, 2011

2 mile run

Last night when I got off work at 8pm I was grumpy. stressed. and had a million thoughts running thru my I announced to my family I was going to go for a run.
I changed. I hopped in our car and drove around till I had a 2 mile route mapped out around our house. Came home, stretched and off I went. and it felt great! Great to be outside. Great to clear my head. Great to feel my body working like that. and Great because I could do it without stopping and did it at a steady pace. Not bad for someone who couldn't hardly go up a flight of stairs not so long ago.

I am stressed and grumpy alot lately. I used to like my job. Back when we lived in IL and I worked in the office. My job because of the great job I did allowed me to keep it when I followed my husband to Minnesota so he could pursue full time ministry. So I started working from home 3 years ago and was so thankful to my company for allowing me to do that. It allowed us to pursue his dream...and keep income coming in and my health insurance benefits. I have worked from home now in Minnesota, then Colorado and now in Indiana. In Minnesota and Colorado I had to keep this job...we lived in very small communities with no real job opportunities for me. and I HATE working from home. Hate hate hate it. I am a people person...and miss people bad. In minnesota and Colorado though I got out of the house to the church alot and was around people. Now that we live here though and my hubby has a normal job..we are not getting out around people. We don't know anyone yet. AND my company required me starting in Jan to change my hours to cover later hours..since I have the "benefit" of working from home, it was decided that I would be the one to make the hour change. I have to work 11 to 8 now. So...I am so much more miserable than I was before. I HATE working till 8 pm. It's getting really nice out here and my whole family is home and I am down in my office working. UGH! So, I updated my resume..and started sending it out....and jobs I am qualified for in this area pay less then I am making now. And with my hubby taking such a big pay cut we can't afford me to make less. I am stuck. stressed. feeling hopeless. and I HATE feeling powerless.

Boy...I needed to dump. Thanks for listening..

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  1. I feel you on the job front sister. My job is cake really...but that is one of the reasons I get so frustrated. I would like a challenge and like to feel useful! and of course...i would like to be paid well for my usefullness.

    Good for you for running. Its amazing how much we can do huh?