Wednesday, May 18, 2011

still plugging away

Our 17th wedding anniversary was Saturday..
I wanted to weigh 168...that was my goal...but instead here I sit at 171 still...
I did everything right...but the scale just didn't cooperate...
but I still had an amazing day. And still weigh less than I did when I got married :) And I know I will get over this stupid plateau that I have been on for awhile...I just really hope it happens soon.
Because I function better when I set are my new goals.
By June 15th I want to weigh 165. I have a business trip that week and will be returning to the office in IL that I used to work in...when I left that office 3 years ago I weighed around 270. They have not seen me since then. So that is my new short term goal...1 month to lose 6lbs.
My new long term goal Oct 1st.
Have a great day everyone!

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  1. Hope you are still on track to that goal! Very impressive loss thus far.