Friday, November 20, 2009

Goodbye 250's...and I will never see you again!

I was soooo happy to jump on the scale this morning and see my weight didn't start with 25...but instead started with 24 :) and I will never see that nasty number again. I am 1 pound away from reaching 30lbs and I can't wait to reach that loss. I have only 4pounds to go to reach my Thanksgiving goal.

On the fill front...I was on liquids and musies, today I can start regular food. I haven't been able to tell much of a difference yet....but like everyone has said, I realize it takes a few to get to restricition.

I am excited for the weekend. Tomorrow I will be putting up all of our christmas decorations, and our family is going to see the new Disney Christmas movie, and I can't wait! I hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. Congratulations! A fabulous milestone has been reached.

  2. Nice Susie!! Always nice to see new numbers. So happy for you and your weekend sounds glorious!

  3. Lovely, lovely - how exciting. Have a lovely weekend.