Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I still hate my scale...but some NSV's!

I am still ticked at my scale. Its still not moving...but I am going down in inches.
First off, I had a rough weekend. I vowed I wasn't going to step on that stupid scale...but I just couldn't do it. I hopped on it Sat & Sund morning. It's not going up...but it's not going down much either. But on the plus side, I worked out sat, and again Monday and again Today. and it feels GREAT! I also said I wouldn't touch the halloween candy...but I did. Not horribly bad...but several pieces have found their way into me. But that was the weekend, and yesterday I started plugging away again, and haven't had another piece.

At church Sunday morning I was told my someone that my face looked thinner. And someone else told me they could really tell I was losing weight. That made my day! And then last night, I was getting dressed and my husband walked in the room....and he said "Wow, I can really tell your losing weight..your stomach is shrinking!" Man did that feel great!
I also can take my jeans on and off now without unzipping or unsnapping them...lol. It's time for a new pair!

Have a great day!

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