Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I got my first fill!!!!! and some questions for you that have been filled...

Well, I got my first fill today. I was a little nervous...and a little scared, but a whole lot of excited.

My Dr came in the room and was pleased with my weight loss since my follow up after my surgery. He said most of his patients don't lose anything between that appt and their first fill...so he asked me what I did to lose...I was like I did what the nutrionist said to do...I drank a ton of water, I have been exercising, not snacking and eating right.

He then poked around a bit (which did hurt...but not enough that I screamed)...and he took out what was in there and then put some in...I am at 4.2 cc in my 10 cc band. I am on liquids today and tomorrow, mushies on Thur & Friday, then normal on Sat. Is that typical of what your told when you get a fill??

My next fill is scheduled for Dec 15th. The Dr said it might take 4-6 fills to find my "sweet spot"...how many did it take for you??

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  1. Thats what my doc said too.. around 6 fills to get to that spot :) glad it went ok..