Thursday, November 5, 2009

I am copying several is my "Get to know me"

Here goes:

A- Age: hmm...not something I share :)
Annoyance: gossip, I despise it.
Animal: Dolphins
Actor: John Travolta

B- Beer: Yuck
Birthday/Birthplace: November 25th, in Rockford IL
Body Part on opposite sex: eyes
Been in Love: Yep, I love my husband, he is the best!
Been bitched at: Yes
Believe in yourself?: somtimes....
Believe in God: Absolutely! He is my savior
Before weight: 278

C- Car: my Chrysler minivan
Candy: reeses penut butter cups
Color: Purple
Cried in school: yep several times. girls are mean!
Chocolate/Vanilla: chocolate...with penut butter :)
Chinese/Mexican: mmmm, I love mexican food
Cake or pie: Cake
Country to visit: I would LOVE to go to Ireland

D- Day or Night: Night, I am a night person
Do the splits?: yep, I sure can

E- Eggs: medium over, or scrambled
Eyes: brown

F- First crush: Brad Hollifield 7th grade
First thoughts waking up: I wanna get on the scale to see if I have lost
Food: I like pizza, mexican food...and chinese

G- Greatest Fear: fear of losing either my husband or girls
Goals: to get skinny. and get out of debt so I can quit work and work at the church with my husband
Get along with your parents?: no...not really
Good luck charm: I don't have one..

H- Hair Colour: brown
Height: 5"4
Happy: for the most part
Holiday: I love Thanksgiving and Christmas...I LOVE the holidays!
Health freak?:I wish I was
Hate: living far away from my best friend Jennifer, and Randy's family, I miss them alot. I also don't like my job too much. I also hate bills.

I- Ice Cream: Mint Chocolate Chip
Instrument: Piano & flute

J- Jewelry: Silver
Job: Insurance Customer service Representative for Metlife Auto & Home. Plus a wife. and mom. And I work with my husband in youth ministry

K- Kids: 2 daughters. Ashley Marie is 14, and Aimee Miranda is 8
Kickboxing or karate: I used to do Tae Bo dvd, lol
Keep a journal? yep, and this blog

L- Longest Car Ride: 22 hours when we moved from Minnesota to Colorado
Love: oh yeah, I am totally in love with my husband, he is the best!
Laughed so hard you cried: oh yeah, and have even been known to pee a little while laughing :)
Love at first sight: nope, don't believe it

M- Milk flavor: Chocolate
Movie: A Christmas Story
Mooned anyone?:Just my hubby
Marriage: I believe in it! and I have a great one!
Motion sickness? no
McD’s or BK: Mcdonalds

N- Number of Siblings: 3 sisters and 1 brother
Number of Piercings: 3, I have one in each ear, and my nose is pierced
Number: 7

O- One wish: To be debt free, so that I can quit my job, and work at the church with my husband in youth ministry. I absolutely love working with teens, mentoring them and watching them grow a relationship with God. I hate religion...I believe it's about a relationship with God

P- Place you’d like to live: Tennessee
Perfect Pizza: Extra cheese, sausage, mushrooms & onions
Pepsi/Coke: mmm, diet pepsi, but haven't had one in about 4 weeks

Q- Questionaires: when I have time..

R- Reason to cry: It doesn't take much, I am emotional
Reality T.V.: I like it, but don't have much time to watch tv
Roll your tongue in a circle? yeah, I can

S- Song: I love too many, but prolly my favorite is called "Oh how he loves"
Shoe size: 7
Salad Dressing: Ranch
Skipped school: no
Smoking: I used to
Sing well?: I am ok
Strawberries/Blueberries: Strawberries

T- Time for bed: usually around 11pm
Thunderstorms: I LOVE them
TV: I don't watch tv very often

U- Unpredictable: not usually

V- Vegetable you hate: Green beans
Vegetable you love: asparagus
Vacation spot: We love to go camping

W- Weakness: I love chocolate
When you grow up: in ministry...which we are
Which one of your friends acts the most like you: Jennifer
Wanted to be a model?: not really

X-X-Rays: I have had a few

Y-Year it is now: 2009-
Yellow: the color of my kitchen

Z- Zoo: I love going there
Zodiac sign: don't believe in that stuff


  1. Isn't it amazing how many of us women love purple as their fave colour (me included!) lol Thanks for putting this up - I love reading them.. makes me feel like I am getting to 'know' you just that little bit more.

  2. Lover your "O" - One Wish. I have a similar dream to be debt free, quit my job and volunteer at church. I used to be a youth leader and loved it! Sadly had to leave my teens (my choice) when I was going through a divorce and left my old church. My DH and I beleive that our calling is to work with children/teens in some capacity. Just waiting on God to tell us when/where/how!