Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A NSV today!

Tomorrow is my birthday. So today, I was taken out for lunch by all the staff from the church where my husband works..he is the youth pastor there. Anyway, as we were sitting down, one of the ladies leaned over to me and said "I noticed on Sunday and didn't have a chance to tell you, that you are looking really nice, how much weight have you lost?" I was so excited, I almost did a jig :) It feels so good when people notice...really good.
I was proud of what I ate too..I ordered a chicken salad...I scooped all the sour cream and guacamole off and just ate the lettuce, chicken and tomatoes. and I didn't eat that yummy crispy bowl that the taco salad comes in...and that is my favorite part! I also didn't touch the free dessert they brought out for me since it was my birthday, I just started passing it around for everyone else to enjoy.

On the band front...the scale hasn't budged since Sat...but I lost like 4lbs last week...so I am not too frustrated..... yet. Plus I am working out every day and the DVD I am doing is circuit training...we do 2 min of aerobics, then 2 min of weights...and keeps repeating for 35 min. I am sweaty and stinky by the end, but I can really tell it's working. I have 3 more lbs to lose to reach my Thanksgiving goal...it doesn't look like I will reach that, but I am ok with that...I am not cheating, I am drinking my water, exercising, and eating small portions, so I know the scale will move again.

On the fill front, I had my first one last week. I have no restriction and can't tell any difference, at all. My next fill is Friday Dec 5th, so hopefully that one will do something.

Have a great day!

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  1. Oh Happy Birthday for tomorrow!!! I hope you have the BEST day!! And enjoy your eating out.