Thursday, December 17, 2009

I am kinda scared for my Dr appt tomorrow

Well, tomorrow is my follow up appt at my Dr's office to get my stitches out from my 2nd surgery last Thursday. I am still sore...but much better than I was. I am still really swollen looks like I have a hump coming out of my stomach...

I really really hope this doesn't hurt, I am still really scared of his office...last week hurt so bad. I'm not a wimp when it comes to pain either...but yeah, it hurt. I also want another fill, but am scared to get it...I don't know what I will do if this port flips again, or I have more complications. I don't even know if he will give me one considering I am bruised beyond belief, and swollen, and just had surgery to have it flipped.

I guess I will have to keep relying on my willpower...which is working, for now. But the whole reason I had the surgery is because I need help. My willpower only lasts for so long....

My scale is finally moving again, so thats some good news in light of all the bad news I have had lately. I am really missing exercising...I love that "high" after I get done with a good workout. I am hoping to be cleared to start working out again next week.

I will post more after my Dr appt tomorrow. Wish me luck.

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  1. Are you sure the Doctor will clear you to work out so soon from the 2nd Surgery? I was told that I couldn't do anything strenuous for 6 weeks.

    Then I did the stupid thing & over did it putting up our Christmas Decorations which makes me concerned that I might have flipped my port.

    I have not told my Doctor as he is several hours drive away & I didn't want to go in unless necessary. I will find out in 11 days if they are unable to give me my 1st fill!

    I am hoping your visit with the Doctor is much better this time out!