Monday, December 28, 2009

I've got the Christmas is over blues

I am always so upset when Christmas is over. I still have my tree up, and am still listening to my christmas music, but I know after this weekend, the Holidays are over....and I always get blue. I LOVE this time of the year, and Christmas, and I hate that it's over.

We had a nice Christmas, it just comes and goes so quickly. I did get a little sad, well alot sad, when the day was over and I realized I didn't get a call, a card, nothing from my family. It's so hard to explain to my girls why their Grandma & Grandpa don't call them, or write to's soo sad.

On the eating front, I didn't pig out...but I also didn't do as well as I should have. I shouldn't have made cookies, that was my first mistake. Also, we were given baskets of goodies from people....having fudge and homemade cookies, and cinnamon rolls, etc was sooo tempting to me. I did eat cookies, way too many, but during all the meals I ate small portions. I didn't eat near the amount that I usually do at Christmas. I also decided to allow myself christmas weekend to not count calories or feel guilty over indulging a little. I weighed myself this morning, and up a I'm not upset, I will lose that lb easily and I am back on track officially today. I gave away all the rest of the goodies we had in the house, threw some away and no there is none left.

I am also back to exercising again today. I always feel sooo good after a workout, so I can't wait for that feeling. I get off work in 2 hours, then I am working out.

I did have some great NSV this weekend. I fit back into two shirts I had in my closet, both were size 18 and they buttoned up...and they both fit me! I also fit into an 1x sweater, and an XL sweater...woohoo! I was told this weekend at church that my face looked thinner and that I looked skinnier...that made me feel good. I can tell myself now that I am losing. I don't hide from the camera as much, I am feeling good, and have more energy. I will post some pics of my family taken over christmas in my next blog. I am also going to make some goals and will be posting those soon, for accountability.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas!


  1. Ahh Suzie,

    Sometimes parents suck - they really do - I read about the lack of the phone call and went.. WTF - although I know you have been having troubles like me. Where is their empathy and giving? This is their grandchildren for crying out loud.

    Don't mourn them - they are missing out even more than you. I can't feel strongly enough about this.

    You are in my thoughts.

  2. I agree with Cara! It is their loss! Great NSV by the way!!! You did great over the Holidays! I gained more than one pound myself, but I too will lose them again.

  3. I just found your blog....keep up the good work and love those NSVs!

  4. Suzie - I'd love to share more clothes! Send me an email again... and we'll figureout what sizes, etc!!!