Monday, December 14, 2009

Well...ended up needing a 2nd surgery

Well...if you have been reading my blog you know whats going on. I went in for my 2nd fill, the dr tried and tried and couldn't do it. Went and had Xray done to confirm that it hadn't flipped...and it hadn't. The Dr tried to do the fill under xray and again couldn't do it. He had me come in last Thur to do what he thought would be a 15 min procedure to fix whatever was going on with my ended up turning into a 2 hour surgery, in his office. My port was covered with scar much so that it weighted my port down and caused it to flip. They numbed my tummy and went in and discovered it after they opened me up. Because I was already opened he went ahead and did the surgery while I was in his office...and it hurt. really bad. They had to open me up quite a bit to scrape all the scar tissue off and flip my port around. Because I was in his office, they couldn't put me out...they could only keep it numb...but I could still feel alot, and hear it...and it hurt. I am so hurts worse than my original surgery..the opening is so big. I was on bedrest all weekend and on pain pills. I am back to work today, but am still really sore...and boy am I swollen. My stomach looks's huge, black and blue with a huge cut. I go back Friday to have my stitches taken out. He did a fill while he was in there...I am feeling some restriction..but not enough. I am just hoping and praying nothing like this happens again. He attached my port in 3 spots to my stomach muscle....
All I want is to start feeling better..and start losing again..and feel restriction.


  1. I feel you girl! Sounds much like my, though mine was done in the ER. I am going in tomorrow for my fill. I am a little nervous that there will be another problem. Mine had some issues healing but all in all I feel great. That procedure was the first week of November and the incision just finished healing last week. Take it easy and you will be fine. So sorry to hear about the pain!

  2. ohhh what a horrible experience. hopefully everything will calm down and you can proceed normally from now on.

    try to relax and let yourself heal.

  3. Ahh Susie, all this is just awful. My heart goes out to you, seriously.

    I hope the swelling goes down soon and you get some restriction. Hang in there girl.
    Cara xx

  4. Susie ~ hate to hear that ~ what a horrible ordeal ~ hugs to you.

  5. I pray that the worst is behind you and that now you can move forward on your exciting journey!

  6. Oh Susie, I really hate to hear that it turned out this way for you! It's too bad the Surgeon didn't just do the repair in the OR like they normally do, when they suspect something like this.

    Then you wouldn't have had to experience this awful pain & major recovery!! My heart goes out to you. I can't believe they couldn't give you something stronger to cut the pain though.

    If my team has any problems like this when I go in for my first fill on the 28th & suspect a flipped port (which is a possibility), I will insist it be done in the OR after hearing your Horror Story!!