Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I am grumpy...but do have some news to share

Well, 1st let me start off by sharing something I found at the grocery store last night.

I love cereal. and I haven't been eating it because I am trying to eat food that is higher in protein. But last night while strolling thru the cereal deptartment and drooling, I stumbled across Special K High Protein cereal. I never knew they made's got 10grams of protein in 3/4 of a cup, add your skim milk and thats a pretty good breakfast protein amount...thought I would pass that on in case you guys didn't know they made that cereal either.

I am grumpy today, for many reasons.....maybe venting will make me feel better.

*I wanna be skinny. today. I (like Amy) seem to be seeing skinny people everywhere...sometimes I just wanna slap them. Can anyone else relate?? ha!

*I want restriction. today. This 2nd surgery is really setting me back, I should have had like 3 fills by now and working on #4....

*I am frustrated that I haven't lost 40lbs yet. or more. It seems to be taking forever. I know it's not....but remember, I am grumpy and I am venting.

*I am hurt, upset, ticked at my family. Just because they don't agree with our decision to move away and pursue ministry...doesn't give them the right to treat my kids like this. They don't acknowledge their birthdays, nothing. And didn't call, send a card, nothing for Christmas. It hurts sooo bad, and it's not fun explaining to my daughters why grandma & grandpa treat us this way

*I am getting loose hair in my hands when I wash. and a comb full of hair when I comb my hair. It's freaking me out. It didn't start till I had to have that 2nd surgery to flip my port back over. that 2nd surgery really stressed my body out. big time. and the hair thing is scaring me. big time. I wanna be skinny, but not bald and skinny

*before I had my surgery I asked, and asked and asked again, if my dr was in network for my insurance plan. and 3x told yes. My insurance processed his bill as if he was out of network. I have been working with my insurance for weeks over this and because he goes by 2 different tax id's, one for lapband and one for regular surgery, my claim is considered out of network because his tax id for lapband surgery is not in network. so out of his $5000 bill they are only paying 2thousand. for us right now, 3000 is ALOT of $ I am super stressed out about this. If you have been following my blog you know that my husband had to do internship for ministry for 15 months without pay. That wiped out our savings and to survive as a family of 4 on just my income was hard. We are slowly getting out of that hole we had to dig, but nowhere close to being out yet, and this unexpected bill is going to be really hard for us.

So yeah, guess that about sums up why I am grumpy today. I am hoping to get off work, get to bed early, and wake up in a better mood tomorrow. Thanks for listening.


  1. Well, with that lot you have a right to be grumpy darl.. sometimes life can get on top of us. I hope tomorrow is a better day.. thinking of you xxx

  2. You certainly have a right to feel grumpy. I hope things turn around for you soon.

  3. I agree, you definitely have every right to be grumpy.

    If your Doctor won't wait until the Insurance can be figured out, will they at least work with you on a payment plan?

    As for the hair, it appears that just about everyone loses hair for the first 6 months to a year, but then it starts to grow back! I am continuing to tell myself as well!

    As for skinny people, I too see all the skinny people & I too want to be skinny NOW!!! But I will never get to be skinny unless I get my portions under control, etc.

    Here's hoping that tomorrow brings a better day for you.

    Here's Hoping That You Have A Prosperous And Happy New Year!!

  4. Maybe if we just walk everywhere with our eyes closed? Do you think that would help?

    Money is stressing me out right now too. I hope that you get the insurance thing figured out so that will be one less thing on your mind!

    Great post!