Friday, March 26, 2010

I LOVE my Dr & the scale is moving again!

I had my Dr appt yesterday, for a fill...and my Dr is amazing, he really is.

He asked me how I had done last month, I told him lost 3lbs the first week, 2 lbs the 2nd week, and the last 2 weeks only 1lb. He asked me why I didn't move my fill up, or call his office. He said if I have another week or two like that, I need to let him know and he will help me. He said a plateau last for months, what I experienced was a little "set back" and that is what he is there for.

I got up on the table, and right away he put in .8 and had me sit up and drink 1/2 bottle of water and he watched, he said it's going down easy isn't it, I said yeah. He had me lay back down and he put in .4 more. I felt it that time. He said if in 2 weeks you don't feel restriction I want you to call and come in, he said do not wait 4 weeks between visits if it's not working. He said I want to help you lose another 20 by June 1st. Woo Hoo! My dr is the bomb!

And the scale rewarded me this morning with 2lbs loss! I was dancing! and now that I am doing zumba, I know some fun the booty roll! Ha!

Happy Friday everyone!