Wednesday, March 17, 2010

It's been awhile...been a rough week....scale is not moving...and people are hurtful

I haven't blogged in awhile...sorry about that.

Last week was one of the roughest weeks I have ever had. Not totally due to my band...but I will start there 1st. Last week I lost .5lbs. thats it. And was it because I didn't drink my water? Nope, had 100+ oz ever day. Was it because I didn't exercise? Nope, worked out 5 days last week. Was it because of poor food choices? Nope...ate like a good band girl every day. So why then the slap in the face loss???? I have no idea...and that frustrates the crap out of me. It makes me very upset....

Personally last week was a horrible week. I can't really go into too many details...but lets just say sometimes Christians can be the worst...they judge, backstab, and hurt you...all in the name of "Godly concern". I very much dislike fake people...and I know God is not pleased when people act that way. It's what gives Christians such a bad name....and it's sooo frustrating and hurtful. So, as most of you know that follow me, we are in ministry. My husband is a youth believe me, we get judged...and hurt alot...and sometimes the pain is more than I can bear...and last week was one of those weeks. Sometimes I feel like I never can do anything seems everytime I turn around, I am being judged for something I said. did. wore. etc.....and it hurts. This week I am just trying it pack up the pain...give to God...and move on. and I am trying to get the attitude that if you don't like me, thats not my problem. That is really hard for me...I am a people pleaser......but I am trying. Really hard.

Have a great day!


  1. The people that criticize you or feel the need to judge you, well I think it just shows their true character. However, you know what your true character is and you can know that you are living your faith. I know what they say hurts, but the only ones you need to be concerned with are you and your family. As far as the scales not moving, we all have weeks like that - that is part of this journey - and while I know it is so hard to not let it bother you, it will. However, you know you're doing things right and the scale will move. Patience is the most difficult thing. May I ask why you're drinking so much water?

  2. Poor babes :(
    Why do people have to be so shitty (s'cuse the French!) Look in your own backyard before you pick at someone else, I always say. As for the weight not coming off.. hang in there - I've also had weeks like this - but if you stick with it - it does move. Promise. xx Chin up.
    (Maybe this will make you laugh.... my verification code? PHALIC.. lolol Jeeze Louise)

  3. I'm so sorry susie... (a) - don't worry about the weight loss - it'll come... probably in spades next week - your body is probably freaking out right now! and (b), isn't it amazing in a sad, sad way how rude and uncaring people who call themselves "christian" can be? I will tell you - one of the worst times I ever experienced was from a co-worker at the church I worked at. I couldn't believe that SHE - who worked there - would be so hurtful and unchristian... and would LIE! Knowing that God would know. And you know, I decided to cut her out completely. First two weeks were hell... and then, I felt so at peace, I couldn't understand it - but God allowed that peace. I'm so so sorry that you're hurt. It is very hard to be the spouse or family member of someone who works at a church, and if only the people who went there understood how hard it really is. But, know that you are strong, faithful, and God knows that. Your DH knows that - and most importantly, YOU know that. And if you have the strength to forgive them, you are so much the better person. Again - so sorry, but praying for you - and God knows. He knows. And he loves you regardless... you know that! :-)

  4. Susie, I am sorry that you have been hurt. I know it is hard, and it happens to all of us...but I would bet (or hope) that these people arent worth letting them have power of you. They just arent. BC if they were...they wouldnt have hurt you!

    It will get better. And we are here for you.

  5. I agree with everyone else, especially Sally! I know that it is hard to let it go, but do try not to let it get to you.

    As for the unweightloss, don't worry about it. The body goes through these plateaus periodically and the body will give up, and allow the weight loss to continue!

  6. Yes, hypocritcal Christians are the worst unfortunately and they are the ones that the world compares us all to. I too have been hurt (major hurt) by "friends" in the church. All I can say is pray for them. They are the one's with the problem. Chin up and keep on keeping on!

  7. Hi susie, I just found your blogg and look forward to following you on your journey! I am being banded in Mexico next Wednesday and would love for you to stop by my blog and wish me luck! I can use all the help and encouragement I can get!