Monday, March 29, 2010

The scale is moving again!

Thank God, that fill must have been exactly what I needed.

The scale has responded nicely. I am at 220.0 this morning...down 58lbs now. My goal was to hit 60 lbs down as of today, so I am 2lbs shy...but hopefully will reach that before the end of the week!

This fill is working great. I am staying full for a long time, and get filled quickly...I hope and hope and hope it lasts! and maybe I am at my sweet spot, finally. Only time will tell I guess.

On the other front, things are still tough....but I am choosing to focus on the positive changes I am making, and my family. I am trying to live my life to please God & myself...and if people don't like it, that is their problem!


  1. Nice nice! Go you, Susie. You sound positive and upbeat and I'm rooting for you. To be nearly 60 pounds down is awesome. xxx

  2. Go you!!! thank god it is moving down down down

  3. Grreat news...keep up the good work and I hope all the not so good stuff turns the corner soon