Friday, February 5, 2010

Great Dr's appt!

My Dr appt yesterday went great! I was a little nervous stepping on the scale because as I have said in my last several posts my weight hasn't really budged in the last couple of weeks...but according to their scales I was down 9.5 lbs since my last fill 4 weeks ago. So my dr was thrilled with that...and then proceeded to say do you want a fill? I was like Heck yes, fill me up Doc! I said I lost 7 of those lbs the first couple of weeks, the last 2 weeks has been slow moving. I'm hungry and going to bed hungry. He said, well your doing your job, so it's time for the band to do it's job. He gave me my fill, and then while the needle was still in me and I was laying down, he gave me a bottle of water and had me drink to see if he needed to take any out...he said he was generous again. And like last time, I got that wonderful feeling of taking a drink and feeling it slowly trickle down...I said nope, don't take any out!! On the day of my fill, I do liquids all day, so when I went to my appt at 4 my tummy was growling pretty bad. After my fill, it had stopped completly. I got a coffee and that was supper, and I was full. And I am not hungry this morning either...I really hope this feeling lasts. I dropped a lb yesterday...hoping it will stay gone and not come back when I am back to regular eating.
Happy Friday everyone!

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  1. Hey Susie,
    Fantastic that your restriction is finally at a nice point. And that was a super weight loss for the month - great work.
    Next time we hear from you (hopefully!!) more pounds will be flying off.
    Cara x