Thursday, February 25, 2010

zumba makes me feel sexy! and other random stuff...

It's been awhile since I have has been super crazy.

I hit the 50 lbs down mark last Saturday....and that was an amazing feeling. But since that day, not any more weight loss....that is sooo frustrating. I moved my fill up...been having my tummy growl, and going to bed hungry is not a good wasn't until next week, but they let me move it up to today, so I am super excited about that, and I know that will get my scale moving again.

I am getting a tattoo next week to celebrate my 50lb loss. Nothing to big...just a tribal heart on my ankle...kinda scared, but mostly excited!

I ordered the complete Zumba series on DVD, came with hand weights that shake & everything. It is sooooo much fun! I am still learning the dances on the instructional says to learn them well before moving on...I feel so sexy whem I'm doing them...I am sure if I could watch myself while I am doing the dance moves, I would think opposite of sexy, lol...but they sure are fun! It came with a basic workout, cardio workout, live workout, ab workout, and toning workout...I can't wait to try them all. I am still doing my 30day shred DVD with Jillian's a tough workout! but man I can feel it working...I love it! and hate it at the same time!

I am frustrated about one thing thats not changing...and thats my double chin...I am losing weight everywhere, but my stupid ugly double chin! I hate it, and really wish it would go away! I am wondering how much I am going to have to lose for it to go away....

Another thing that is still frustrating me is my hair loss. It's still happening...I am on hair vitamins, zinc, plus using all the expensive shampoo/conditioner...and while its maybe a little bit better than it was...I am still loosing a handful every makes me so sick to my stomach to see the shower drain, and my comb after I comb my hair out....I would be so much happier if that would hurry up and stop! I really get stressed about it....

Thanks so much for the picture comments...and the positive comments about my 50lbs down. You ladies are amazing! Now, I need to catch up on reading some blogs! have a great day!

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  1. Congrats on the sorry about the hair. That freaks me out!!! Good luck with your fill