Friday, February 26, 2010

My Dr appt & fill yesterday

I just gotta say, I love my Dr! He is kind, listens to me and is great at passing out the compliments.

I had a fill appt yesterday, it has been 3 weeks exact since my last one. According to their scales I was down 6.8 lbs in 3 weeks...they were really happy. The Dr comes in, takes a look at my scars, and asks me how I am doing. Gets the needle in on the 1st poke and asks me how much I reply of course was "alot!". He laughed and said I will give you 1 and if your still getting hungry, come back in in 2-3 weeks. Right away, I felt the difference. I did liquids yesterday, today I am on soft food...and I am just staying full. I am sooo hoping this fill will put me at my sweet spot!

9 more lbs to go to reach my next goal, 60lbs down by 3-29-2010! and I hope I can reach it sooner.

Have a great weekend everyone!