Monday, February 15, 2010

tears & snot & a happy dance in a Kohls fitting room

This might be a long's been awhile since I have had time to post.

I will start off with some NSV's.
Saturday my husband took me shopping to Kohls to buy me a couple of new outfits for Valentines day. He said he was sick of seeing me in clothes that were falling off of me :) I have not liked trying on clothes for a looooong I really wasn't looking forward to shopping. I grabbed some stuff & started trying things on. and then the happy dancing started, and the tears, and snot running everywhere. On a whim I had grabbed a pair of size 18 jeans...thinking no way would they fit...and they did. And oh my gosh, I looked good in them. My butt looked normal, instead of looking like a rhino's butt. And a shirt in 1x fit perfect, and another one in XL fit. I came out to show my husband...and could not stop smiling & crying...I know he thought I was crazy...but I was sooo happy. This means I will be able to start shopping on the normal side of the store soon...I am now in the smallest size on the "plus" side of the store. Holy Moly...I love my band! Randy (my hubby) was so proud...he bought me 2 pr pants, 3 shirts, a new purse, wallet, high heel dress shoes...and 2 bottles of perfume from Victorias secrets!
So yesterday to church I wore a new size 18 pr of dress pants, and a new button up shirt that was so pretty, and hip...and my new purse and my new shoes...and I got so many compliments! A couple of people said it was so nice to see me in clothes that fit, instead of being so huge on me and that by wearing things that fit they could really tell how much I have lost. I was walking around yesterday on cloud stinking 9!

On the scale front it's been 11 days today since my fill...and I have lost almost 6lbs during these 11 its working! I know now tho that I am not at my "sweet spot"...but I have to be getting close. My next fill is in 2 1/2 wks...and I may move it up...will wait and see how the rest of this week goes. My goal that I am working towards is losing 50lbs by Monday 2-22...which gives me a week to lose 3lbs...I am hoping I can reach that! and my reward for 50lbs down is I am getting a tattoo. I have always wanted one...and I decided when I lose 50lbs I am going to go for it...I'm a little scared cuz I know it will hurt...but I am going to do it!

On the exercise front...I have been working out now at least 5x a week consistently for 2 months now. I love it. and when I can't work out for some reason, I get pretty upset. It feels sooo good to be moving and working out...and to see my progress. I typically do some type of aerobic tape...I vary between Biggest loser workout stuff, or Taebo..or circuit training with weights. But I am so excited because I ordered Zumba workout system. It should be here in about a week..and I can't wait to get it and try it!

Have a great week everyone!

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  1. Wow! Things are going great for you. It is a fabulous feeling to shop in the Misses department instead of the Plus size department - the colors are so much brighter. Congrats!