Tuesday, June 1, 2010

an AMAZING weekend away...but I am mad at the scale

We had an amazing weekend.
My daughters team ended up winning the softball tournament! She pitched most of the games and did a great job! She also hit really well, had 3 triples, and some doubles. They played 3 games Saturday, 4 games Sunday....so we were at the fields most of those days. But it was fun to see her competing and doing so great.
The condo was amazing, the best part being the hot tub...which I enjoyed very much. The town was filled with outlet stores..so that is what we did Monday. That was sooo much fun! We went into the Levi outlet, and I tried on a pair of size 16 skinny jeans..and they were tooo big! and oh my gosh, the size 14 slipped right up! They were a little tight in the tummy..but I got them up and buttoned! Then we went to the Old Navy outlet. I got a jean miniskirt and a couple of new shirts! all for under 15$! All in all an amazing weekend!
But today, when I got on the scale, it showed up 3lbs! No freaking way thats possible! I am pretty upset...but hoping by tomorrow it will drop back down. I really did watch what I ate all weekend for the most part...but did have quite a few starbucks coffee drinks...and a few more sweets then I normally eat...plus no excercise and not as much water drinking as I normally do. So maybe I shouldnt be suprised about the weight gain...I am getting back on track today...my goal is back to working out today, back to my 100 oz of water, and 3 small protein high meals. and hopefully a couple of days of that will cause that scale to move back down!


  1. Ugh... I know what you mean. Too much alcohol and bad foods left me with a few pounds up on the scale this weekend. O well... back on track today! You will have dropped those pounds in no time!

  2. A little scale fluctuation can be worth a weekend that that sometimes.

  3. Excellent news about the jeans...I went up on the weekend but I am just having faith in it coming down...and it is. I am sure your will too