Monday, June 7, 2010

I really dislike Mondays...

but I have made it through my workday..which is the part of Monday I don't like...

I had a good weekend..busy, but good. Got out of my blahs for the most part.

My scale is back down, so that helps. We had an all day youth event Saturday outside...and I played was sooo much fun. Last summer I wouldn't play I am playing volleyball, kickball and even thinking about signing up for our churches co-ed softball team in the fall. I can't believe the changes in me! I also wore shorts to this event....and I haven't worn shorts in public in forever...

So..I am going thru something I know some of you have had to experience..and that is where I see pictures of myself..and I don't recgonize myself.....I honestly don't. I can't believe that it is in me in the pictures...I am fascinated by it. I keep taking and taking pictures of myself and looking at them...I find myself looking at my collar bones, I haven't seen them in forever..and my face is missing its double chin..and my legs are getting smaller..and my waist..I have one.....its all sooo exciting! but kind of weird too...ha!

Have a great day everyone!


  1. Oh I love my collar bones too....congrats.

  2. You really look great in the recent pix you posted.. you must feel wonderful.. keep up the great work