Tuesday, June 29, 2010

c'mon scale and move already...I want my weight to start with a 1

My scale is being stubborn. And is ignoring all my good efforts and attempts to get it to budge. I have sweet talked it, yelled at it, and even kicked it...with no response...

It has remained at 201 for days on end...with no movement..
I want SO BAD for my weight to start with a 1. Why oh why hasn't it happened yet? If I remember correctly...alot of people get stuck trying to reach onederland...its almost like we are being jinxed

Well scale, I am doing my part today to get you to move..so tomorrow you better do your part. I have already done a 50 minute zumba workout. I am going to do another workout tonight when I get off work. I have already drank 90oz of water...and I will drink some more before bed. And I am eating great today...high proteins, with some fruits and veggies thrown in.

So scale...listen hard and long....and give me a good number tomorrow!!