Friday, June 11, 2010

Your getting too, excuse me???


ok, so those that follow me know my husband is a youth pastor and we are very involved in our church...and at times I love it, and other times, its frustrating. It leads to a life of no privacy, being "on" 24/7, being watched, judged, talked about, etc...

Wednesday night at church, I was approached by 2 different people concerned that I am getting "too skinny"....I seriously wanted to laugh. I wanted to tell them I am still over 200 (204 lbs to be exact). I am NOWHERE near being too skinny. Were these people I was friends would be a different story...but I was not "feeling the love" if you know what I mean.

Then later that night my husband says "so and so came to me and pulled me aside tonight out of concern for you"...she said I was getting too small, she was concerned I was not losing it healthy and so this lady never said anything to me..why the need to talk to him instead of me?

Now...maybe I should just be thrilled people are noticing. Maybe I should feel that people care. but I don't. This has just made me mad. I can see if I was in a size 2, then maybe they could say I am getting too skinny...but I am in a size 16 in most things..c'mon...I am not skinny! I still have alot to lose...and a long way to go. I don't think they are doing this out of concern...but instead being nosy, busybodied people...and I was, and still am...frustrated....

any advice?


  1. I did a posting somewhere on my blog about this very thing - trying to prepare folks for this. I know it's difficult but try to let it go. People are very intrusive in the lives of others and since you and your family are under a microscope so much of the time, your situation is compounded. As long as you're happy with yourself and your life, that is all that should matter. Some of it comes from insensitivity on the part of others; some of it comes from jealousy. I think you're doing great and applaud you.

  2. People who lead boring lives need to look elsewhere for excitement and you are apparently it for this lady. Try to take the good out of it and just feel sorry for these busybodies.

  3. That my dear is NOT concern. That is jealousy. Period.

  4. Ouch. People can just be plain strange - and if you thought they were just concerned for you and not being a sticky beak then maybe, just maybe its ok.. but sheesh. What goes through their minds???

  5. I am with Draz...jealousy. I have seen it and felt it too many are doing what they won't