Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Camp was amazing...it was hard to come back home

I am back from camp.

and it was AMAZING! We really bonded with the kids from our youth group that went with us. And we all had a blast hanging out together....tho I don't know if I have ever been so tired. I was up till 1am or later every night..and back up at 530 in the morning. We were busy pretty much from morning till late at night. The food there was fattening, but they did have a salad bar, so that is pretty much what I ate from. I ended up gaining a pound, but its already off along with another one...

I had a dr appt today, I am down 9.8 since my appt 4 weeks ago. My dr was thrilled with my results so far. He almost didn't give me a fill, he said 9lb loss in 4 weeks was perfect and I shouldn't try to lose more than that. I finally begged hard enough that he gave me one, but said he didn't want to see me again until the end of Aug...unless my weight loss stops. He said I am losing anywhere from 8-11 lbs a month consistently and gave me a quiz about my hunger etc and he said I am at my sweet spot...and he doesn't want to mess with it. So...while it was great hearing how happy he is with how I am doing..it makes me nervous about not going back every month....but, I guess I will just see how it goes...

I am soooo close to onderland...I can't wait!


  1. Glad camp was fun. LOVE that new little pic of you next to the comment box - green is SO your colour!!
    Come on down onederland!!!!! You're so close.