Thursday, August 26, 2010

I finally beat my plateau!

It took me almost 2 weeks...but finally the scaled moved again in the positive direction!

It took me upping my workouts and measuring my food again and following the band rules strictly!

When I updated my ticker today, I noticed I have 25lbs exactly to lose to reach my 1st goal of 160. I have no idea why I picked that to be my 1st goal...I definetly want to lose more than that. How do you pick your goal weight?

I am going to ask my Dr at my next appt how to pick a goal weight. I go 1 week from today, and I can't wait for a fill!

Have a great day everyone!


  1. Great job! You are sooo close to being under 30!!!

    For goal weights. I still don't have a final goal. Funny enough my final goal may be higher than your first goal and I think we are the same height. Body frame really makes a big difference on what is right for each person no matter what the BMI scale says. My NP and doc are actually a little worried about me getting to low for my body frame so they keep telling me not to focus on the end number. I mean our "ideal" weight is 125 according to some medical formula and they have threatened to hospitalize me if I get even close to that :)

    But that aside here is how I came up with my goals. My first goal was 180 (a BMI of 29.9). That was determined by my Doctor. He wants people to have a BMI of 30-32 depending on your starting point (and current health). He picked 30 for me.

    His reason is that for most people that is where your risks of weight related health issues basically drop to nothing. Plus he says at that point we will know better what is right for us health wise (and image wise). I of course thought that was a little too close to obese so I picked 175.

    That being said we are both so close to 30 we know what it feels like. I like you know I have more to lose. I know I will not only look better but feel better. My unoffical second goal is 165. I picked that number kind of randomly because it is half way between 150 (normal) and 180 (drs goal). After that I focus more on body fat % and not weight. I may never get to "normal". Sometimes that bothers me, but honestly I don't even remember what 175 feels like let alone 150 so I am not going to let it push me into something that isn't right for me.

    Looonggg answer, I know. I missed "talking" to you all :)

  2. Congrats on getting past your plateau!!! Believe me I know how frustrating they can be!!

    Hmm let's think how did I pick my goal weight....

    Well for someone my height of 5ft 5in a healthy weight is somewhere between 111lbs-150lbs. To be sooo sooo honest I have a relative that has been so thin and beautiful my whole life and I've always been soo jealous and right before I was banded I found out she weighed about 125lbs and that is when I decided that, that was my goal!

    Hope I can get there!!! You're gonna hit 160 before you know it!!!