Friday, August 6, 2010

Lazer tag...go amazing day!

Yesterday was a huge NSV for me!

We took our Jr High kids from church on a fun trip yesterday to a place called Bananas. I took the day off and went with. And for the first time ever I got in a Go Kart. I was always too afraid before that I wouldn't fit...and to be honest, I was still afraid I wouldn't. But my husband forced me to face that fear, he said you will fit, I promise! and I did! and oh my gosh, what a blast! It was sooo much fun.
Then we went to the Lazer Tag area. And again, I was afraid. Thinking no way that vest is going to fit me. Thinking no way physically I would be able to do this. But I faced my fear, and of course the vest fit. And after exercising for 10 months..of course I could do it, and did. I had so much fun running, and dodging and was a blast!
And today, I am 88 lbs down...and so close to having my weight start with a 18.
I love my band!
Happy Friday!

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