Wednesday, September 16, 2009

1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi, 3 Mississippi and on and on till 10 Mississippi

ok, so my surgery has been canceled for next Thursday. And my Dr told me to stop following the preop diet, so I have had a pot of coffee, and a piece of pizza...and a diet pepsi. MMMMM, it all tasted good after following the preop diet for 7 days with no caffeine.

But, the downside is, possibly no surgery. I am truly down in the dumps. My Dr called me today, he spoke with the insurance Dr yesterday, and the insurance Dr agrees with my Dr, that according to my policies criteria I am eligible. Dr filed an appeal today to my insurance. The insurance Dr told him some stuff to add to help my, now it's just a waiting game. My insurance has 10 days to review the appeal and make their final decision....My Dr said I have a good chance...but then he said you can never tell what insurance companies will do. He said if they decide yes, he will schedule my surgery as soon as possible, giving me first dibbs. He said I would just start the preop diet from the time they say yes till the surgery, so it probably won't be the full 14 days.

So let the waiting game commence....and my fingers & toes are crossed, and I am praying like crazy for the answer to be yes!

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  1. Hi Susieq4givn, I'm so sorry that you were denied the surgery! I hope that the appeal will turn out the way you want it. I have this same fear as well. We will be sending in the request for surgery approval hopefully by the 28th. Now, I want to apologize for my double entry as a new follower. I had attempted to add my photo & it wouldn't work, so I tried it again a second time, still didn't work! Finally, my husband told me how to do it. Unfortunately, I am unable to delete the extra one!