Friday, September 11, 2009

Here we go again! Stop the merry go round, I want off!

Uugghh...I am so frustrated!!

I had my pre op appt today and everything was going hunky dory, the Dr answered all my questions, they took my picture, gave me all my instructions, then the last part of the appt, I had to go see the person who bills the insurance. Now in May of this year, I called my insurance company and got everything done that I needed to so they would pay 90% of my surgery. Well, the Dr walks in and says we have run into a little snag, your insurance is fighting paying for you having the surgery, they said because you don't have any co-morbidities. Well...right in my paperwork from my insurance company it said if your bmi is over 40 they will pay without co-morbidities , and mine is over 40. The Dr is going to call them on Monday and fight it for me....why oh why is all this happening? I walked out of there in tears...I can't afford the surgery if my insurance won't pay for it......this totally sucks.


  1. CRAP! These idiots are giving you a hard time. I hope they come through for you.. it's why we have insurance FFS!

  2. I am so sorry to hear this! I know it is frustrating! I had my pre-op appointment last week and I knew I didnt have to do a 6 month diet plan pre-surgery. WELL...I walk in and the insurance lady was like "Well you will be able to get your surgery about 7 months from now after you complete your 6 month diet plan!" I totally freaked and my mouth fell to the ground! I was like "No ma'am! I called and they told me I didnt have to do that!" She called to verify and I WAS RIGHT! Anyways, I know its hard! Hang in there!!

  3. Ugh, how frustrating! Keeping my fingers crossed for you. :)