Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I am not enjoying getting the run-around!!

I was told 10 days we will give you our decision...in my appeal on the denial by my insurance company for the Lap-band. Well....10 days have come and gone...and still no decision.

I called them today (and I have been doing almost every day) and was told, no not 10 days, it will be 15 days.

My Dr called today, they told him no, not 10 days, or 15 days but it will be 30 days before we reach our decision.

Insurance companies suck. I am so stinking sick of this whole mess.
I just want to have the surgery, and start living the lapband life. I'm depressed, ticked off, and getting very frustrated.

Sorry, I had to vent a little....


  1. Vent away! I can't say I've had much trouble with insurance companies but shoot, yours really does suck.. they just can't get their act together. Let us know what happens next (they need a rocket put up their butt and lit!!)

  2. This really sucks for you! I am sooo sorry they are giving you the runaround! Who is your Insurance Company? Sometimes it seems the Insurance Co's drag these approvals out in hopes of the patient giving up, so don't give up. Hang in there & keep fighting for the Surgery, I will keep you in my thoughts.