Friday, September 4, 2009

I am doing a happy dance...wiggle wiggle jiggle jiggle :)

I FINALLY got the results of my stress test....and my heart is 100% normal. The cardiologist said all my tests came out normal with absolutely no concerns!!!!

This has been a very long, stressful week...but it has a good ending!

So, in less than 3 weeks LapBand Surgery HERE I COME! Finally!

My surgery date is 8-24-09. I start my two week pre-op diet on Wed 9-9, and on 9-23 I can't eat anything.

My pre-op diet looks like this:

Breakfast: shake & piece of fruit

Snack: shake

Lunch: Shake & salad (no high carb veggies or croutons) with Fat free dressing

Snack: shake

Supper: 3 oz protein, 1 cup of veggie & a serving of starch item

If anyone reads this, please tell me if this looked or looks like your preop diet? I am just's more food than I thought I would be having...

I am so excited, and so ready to get this show on the road!

So above are a couple pics of me (and my amazing hubby), I am going to take some "before" shots and post on here soon


  1. Susie!! I'm so excited for you!! Your pre-op diet looks more generous than mine, but all of our doc's are different. I was on shakes only with 2 cups of veggies per day. No solid protein. I didn't get a chance to mail out the clothes last weekend, was busy, but I'm sending them today! They'll probably be too big when they get to you, but if they are feel free to pass them along or give them to goodwill. I'm so excited for you!!! Tough road you've had, but you're on an upswing now!!


  2. WHOOO! That is brilliant news.. and now you have a date. We will all be counting down with you.